Where To Entertain An "Old School" Business Client Who Is In NYC For The Weekend

13 April 2017
 Categories: Smoking, Blog

If you're responsible for entertaining clients as part of your job description, and you have an "old school" client coming into town, then you're probably looking for few ideas about where to take them. They are probably not the type of person who wants to go to a spa for a facial, or some trendy sushi bar. And while tickets to a sports game are always great, especially if your company has box seats, you might end up with a client who isn't really into sports or, just as bad, someone who is a fanatic and won't be interested in talking business at all. So, with that in mind, here are three classic NYC style places to take an "old school" style client.

Classic NYC Style Steakhouse

There is no better restaurant for business meetings than one of the classic NYC steakhouses. They are upscale, while not being too "fancy." Clients who have an old school sensibility will love them. They are quiet, and the menu is never going to be a surprise. While there are many fusion restaurants in the city, the classic steakhouse doesn't follow this trend. What you get are high quality steaks and a world class wine list. There are classic steakhouses in the Financial District, Midtown, and even out in Brooklyn in Williamsburg.

An Italian Restaurant With A Bit of "History"

If your client has ever expressed in interest in Italian food or culture, then they might love to take a trip to one of the old Italian restaurants in NYC, particularly one of the ones that has a history with one of the 5 "Families." The restaurants are all very safe nowadays, and people are mostly interested in the food, ambiance, and the stories and legends associated with the places. You will find these restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan. In Manhattan, the two best places to look are around Mott Street in Little Italy and up in East Harlem (which was originally an area populated by Italian Immigrants).

An Upscale Cigar Lounge

A great place to take your client after dinner (be it an Italian restaurant or steakhouse) would be a nice cigar lounge. There is nothing more "old school" than cigars and cognac after dinner. In NYC, you can't smoke in restaurants anymore, so there won't be cigars after the meal unless you hit a cigar lounge. That's fine because these cigar lounges are amazing.

Your client will be able to choose from a fine selection of double claro, claro, colorado's, maduro's, or even oscuro. They will also have a fine selection of cognacs, tequilas, rums, and a full wine list—not to mention super comfortable chairs, which are much more relaxing than the straightback chairs you would have spent all evening at while dining. Check out a company like Embassy Cigars for more information on cigar clubs.