Ways Vape Pens Can Help Parents When Getting Their Teen To Quit Cigarettes

19 August 2022
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Parents faced with a teen confessing a cigarette addiction may have many conflicting emotions. They may feel glad that their child confessed their addiction and wants to quit but are uncertain of how they can help them. Thankfully, their teen is ready to quit and trusts them enough to ask for help. Now, parents can use tools like vape pens to help their teens get through this process.

How Vape Pens May Help

Cigarettes are incredibly addicting, and teens may have a hard time quitting, even when asking for help. Social pressure may make this situation even harder, as many teens may feel that they "have" to smoke to fit in with their friends. However, vape pens can provide parents and their teens with a powerful cessation tool that may make quitting easier. Vape pens provide:

  • Easy-to-Control Dosage: Vape pens let parents and teens adjust how much nicotine they get when they use the pen. As a result, they can slowly decrease how much nicotine a teen gets when using their pen to help them eventually quit more easily and minimize the negative effects of smoke on their lungs.
  • A Less Expensive Design: Increasing tobacco and cigarette taxes make it very hard for many smokers to afford their habit. Vape pens are much cheaper and make it easier for parents and their teens to afford them. In this way, it may be easier for teens to adjust to this option when working towards quitting.
  • A More Socially Acceptable Design: While smoking has become less socially acceptable in the last few decades, vaping has become widely accepted. In this way, a teen may feel less emotional difficulties about adjusting to vaping to quit and be more accepted by their peers.

It is important for parents to work with their teens during the cessation process and help them decrease their vape pen use. For instance, the parent may keep the vape pen for most of the day and provide it only at specific times when their teen is at home. They can also lower the dosage to ensure a teen works towards quitting.

Handling This Process Properly

Vape pens can be a powerful cessation tool for teens if parents work with them and help them stay focused. It may also be important to talk with the child's doctor about this process. They may prescribe specific pens or cessation tools to help with this process.

For more information on vape pens, contact a professional near you.